Parklands Sports Complex

Membership & Levies


Every registered owner upon registration of transfer of an erf/erven and or unit/units into the name of such registered owner shall be a member of the association. When any erf or unit is registered in the name of more than one person all the registered owners of that erf shall be deemed jointly and severally to be one member. Members have an obligation to the association as set out in the constitution (refer to clause 8 of the constitution). When a member ceases to be a registered owner he shall ipso facto cease to be a member.


A levy fund for the purpose of meeting all expenses of the association, for the control, management, and administration thereof, and for projects undertaken by the association for the community of Parklands. The association has been able to limit the levy to a once-off membership fee payable on registration of the erf and or unit into the purchaser’s name. The levy payable as at 1 March 2024 is R1450.00.


All properties in the Parklands area has the following condition registered against its title deed “The within property shall not be transferred without the written consent of the PARKLANDS HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION, of which the within transferee and his successors in title to this property automatically shall become and remain a member.” Before a written consent to transfer is issued each property is inspected to confirm that it complies with the development conditions for Parklands. Everybody that buys a property in Parklands pays a once off levy of R1450.00 (payable by purchaser). The inspection and administration fee for the issuing of a written consent is R1450-00 (payable by seller).


When a purchaser raises a loan from a bank to purchase a property in Parklands the bank requires a waiver from Parklands Home Owners Association. The Parklands Home Owners Association waives the Home Owners Association’s rights contained in the title deed as pointed out above in favour of the bank. Before a waiver is issued an inspection of the property is carried out to confirm that it complies with the development conditions for Parklands. The fee for the issuing of this waiver is R1450-00.