Parklands Sports Complex

Councillor Report Back - 11 August 2020

Dear Ward Committee,

Welcome to our first virtual meeting of ward committee! I understand that this territory is new and challenging to everybody and therefore I would like to thank everyone for putting in the extra effort to be able to join via the virtual platform. Initially it feels strange but one gets used to it as time goes. Council has been operating like this for some time now and successfully at that. We have managed to continue with our Portfolio, Council and Subcouncil meetings regardless of the challenges faced.

I would like to thank the City staff for their efforts during lockdown thus far. Initially our service delivery operations were severely compromised due to lockdown. As National Government eased the restrictions we have systematically been able to get the big City machine going again. Covid infections have also been a challenge and we have seen multiple contingencies being put in place in order to mitigate the effects of positive cases of Covid-19. One such example is the refuse collections department that has had to find alternative secure venues to store their trucks so that not all the staff of a single depot are affected when we have a positive case.

Sadly, we have lost some councillors and several City staff due to the virus. My sincere condolences to their loved ones. It is not easy when one cannot even grieve like we are used to, with the physical love and support of loved ones.

Of late we have also lost a few enforcement staff members due to various violent incidents taking place. I would like to extend my condolences to their loved ones as well.

On a lighter note, all of the ward 107 projects that we had on the previous financial year’s budget are complete and I am excited to see the ones we have laid out for this financial year come to fruition. I won’t lie, one of the projects that excites me the most is the bat boxes which will hopefully be put up sooner rather than later! We also have some very needed LPR cameras being set up in strategic positions. The LPR project has shown some tremendous successes in catching criminals before they are even able to commit crime in our area. It is a project I will continue to support for as long as I am a Councillor.

We will also continue to upgrade the parks. I am sure you have all seen the start to the Echium Urban Park. We have installed pathways and look forward to how the community, through, GTAF, will take the project forward!

I would like to welcome the Subcouncil Manager, Mr Brand, who will be talking to 2 items today and so joins us for what I think might just be his first ward committee meeting with ward 107 only. Welcome Mr Brand and thank you for joining us.

Councillor Nicky Rheeder: Ward 107