Parklands Sports Complex

Areas of Non-Responsibility

The Parklands Home Owners is responsible for enforcement of the development conditions for Parklands. We are not responsible for the following:

The maintenance of Public Open Spaces in Parklands:

All Public Open Spaces belong to the City of Cape Town and falls under the Amenities Department at Blaauwberg- Region. All queries in this regard can be reported by phoning Amenities on Tel. 021-5507763.

Maintenance of roads in Parklands:

This includes cleaning of roads, water breaks &stoppages. The maintenance of roads falls under the Department of Roads/ Storm water at the City of Cape Town, Blaauwberg Region. The number to contact is 5507771/2 or 084 300 9989 after hours.

Traffic related issues:

All traffic related issues should be reported to the Traffic Department at the following numbers: Traffic Radio Control- 550 1317 Speed complaints- 5501322


Although PHOA does everything in its power to combat dumping at building sites, within the guidelines of the development conditions, dumping is regulated by by-laws and all incidents of dumping should be reported to the Metro police for action at Tel. 021- 5961999.

Barking Dogs:

Barking dogs constitute a disturbance of the peace which is regulated by by-laws and must be reported to the Metro police at Tel. 021-596 1999.

Signage on council property:

Unauthorised signage on council property i.e. traffic circles and road reserves falls under the Town Planning Department at the City of Cape Town- Blaauwberg Region. Town Planning appoints an outside contractor to remove all unauthorised signage. Town Planning can be contacted at Tel. 021-5507540.