Parklands Sports Complex

Rubble Removal

Some builders, their sub-contractors and suppliers have no regard for the environment that they work in. They allow rubbish to blow around and cause sand to spill onto the road surfaces.

Members are reminded that as owners of properties they are responsible for the actions of their builders, sub contractors and suppliers. Members are required to ensure that their builders organise their building sites in such a way that street frontages of the property is kept clean at all times and that sand and rubbish cannot be blown from the site.

The stockpiling of rubble on vacant plots adjacent to building sites is prohibited.

The City of Cape Town have tabled regulations to control the effects of wind blown sand, the mismanagement of waste materials on site and irresponsible dumping of builders rubble. PHOA supports the City in this regard.

All incidents of dumping should be reported to the Metro Police on 021-5961 999.

“Dumping in progress” should be reported to the dumping hotline on 021-4247715