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Parklands Home Owners Association

- July 2023 -

Dear Members,

Welcome to the Parklands Home Owners Association (PHOA) electronic newsletter. You are receiving this newsletter as a registered member of the PHOA. The primary function of this newsletter is to update you on the activities of the PHOA.

Chairmans Corner

Maintenance Of Plots

Safety and security is of great importance to the PHOA and for this reason we do our best to address areas of concern. Unkempt open plots contribute to safety and security concerns. Owners of open plots are reminded that the regular maintenance of plots is their responsibility. The PHOA issues notices to the owners of unkempt plots where it has become overgrown and unkempt. Members can report unkempt plots by sending an email to us on

Below are some examples of unkempt plots before and after PHOA intervened.


Verges and gardens leave a "first impression" of an area to visitors or passers-by. An unkempt garden and verge can detract from the perceived value of a home. It should therefore always be well-maintained. The PHOA constitution places an obligation on members to maintain gardens and verges to an acceptable standard. In most cases the City of Cape Town City Parks Department will attend to the pruning of any overgrown trees on garden verges on the outside of the boundary of a property.


The PHOA has a small group of workers cleaning parks and greenbelt areas three times a week under the supervision of our groundsman Chris Mditshwa. They concentrate on "hotspot" areas identified. General rubbish are collected in black bags and left at strategic points to be collected by City Parks, and recyclable items like glass and plastic bottles and tins are collected for recycling. Below are some pictures of our team in action. On the photos the difference between recyclable items and general rubbish collection in the different bags are shown.


We are so privileged to have community organisations of the highest standard in the Parklands Table View and Blouberg areas. The are very active in assisting communities and vulnerable groups in our community.

We are happy to announce that we once again provided funding assistance to the following organisations:

Table View Community Police Forum
Table View Neighbourhood Watch (TVNW)
Parklands Neighbourhood Watch (PNW)
Community Medics
Community Intervention Centre


Members are reminded of the PHOA AGM that will take place on the 16th of August 2023. Please also join our group on Facebook

A notice with full details of the AGM will be sent out shortly.


Attached to this email is a brochure that we received from the City of Cape Town with a list of public City contacts.

Pam Daneels
Parklands Home Owner Association