Parklands Sports Complex

Park Cleaning Project

In June 2014 PHOA started a project in partnership with City Parks, whereby a small team of workers employed by the PHOA walk the parks twice a week and pick up rubbish in bags provided by City Parks. The filled bags are collected by City Parks at central points. Recyclable items such as glass bottles, plastic bottles and metal cans are collected in recycle bags and forwarded to a recycling depot.


Sports Complex

War on Graffiti

GRAFFITI vandalism has a significant effect on the feeling of safety and the perceived fear of crime within the community. Graffiti on a wall or building attracts vandalism and more graffiti. When the work of a graffitist is not on display, the enjoyment from their crime is reduced. It has been proven that it is a lot easier to remove graffiti when it is done within the first 24 hours. The PHOA and Tableview Community Police Forum have taken on the “War on Graffiti”. So look out for the “Graffiti Busters”!

Eric Basson (Parklands Home Owners Association) hands over Graffiti removing products to Ken Spies (Tableview Community Police Forum)